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Fusion The Brook Floor Plan

There are different floor plans to fit your needs at Fusion the Brook.

Type 2A has 1115 sq. ft. of saleable area. This type has two bedrooms, a hallway, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and three balconies. There is a 53.85 sq. ft. of carpet and 5.10 sq. ft. of external walls. It has a 19.00 sq. ft. balcony. The unit has 77.95 sq. ft. of built-up area and 13.75 sq. ft. of parking. In this type, the common area is 16.58 sq. ft.

A Type 3B floorplan has 1,200 sq. ft. of saleable space, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 3 balconies. With a carpet area of 59.89 sq. ft. and an external wall area of 5.84 sq. ft., this type of unit has a carpet area of 59.89 sq. ft. and a balcony of 17.80 sq. ft. There's an 83.53 sq. ft. built-up area, along with a 13.75 sq. ft. parking area. 18.44 sq. ft. of shared space is proportionate.

In Type 3A, you'll find three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and four balconies. The carpet covers 59.94 sq. ft., and the external walls cover 5.28 sq. ft. There's also an exclusive balcony that's 22.28 sq. ft. The built-up area is 87.509 sq. ft, and the parking area is 13.75 sq. ft. There's also 18.46 sq. ft. of common area in this type. When it comes to Fusion The Brook unit plan, the built-up area of this unit is 119.71 sq. ft. (1288.66 sq. ft).

The other Fusion the brook floor plan is Type 3D, with a spacious 1535 sq. ft. This layout has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a 3-tiered kitchen. The carpet is 77.10 sq. ft., while the walls are 6.38 sq. ft. The balcony adds 22.20 sq. ft. There are 143.18 sq. ft. built up in this floor plan (1541.23 sq. ft.), including 13.75 sq. ft. of parking and 23.75 sq. ft. of common space.

A type 4A has 2000 sq. ft. of saleable space and has a 4-tiered kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. The carpets cover 99.82 sq. ft., and the external walls cover 7.72 sq. ft. An exclusive balcony adds 33.50 sq. ft. The built-up area is 140.04 sq. ft., including 18 sq. ft. of parking and 30.43 sq. ft. of common areas. This floor plan has 188.47 sq. ft. (2028.71 sq. ft.).

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